Irgendwelche Tipps für eine Sammlung? (Any tips for a collection?)

Es ist offensichtlich, dass ich die meisten meiner freien Zeit, etwas zu tun in Bezug verbringen zu EAV,ein Hobby Ich nehme an.und wie auch immer, ich versuche, Waren zu sammeln.einer von euch irgendwelche Tipps, was ich sammeln sollte und wo ich Elemente bekommen? Ich habe ein buch, pin und einige CDs.

\it’s no secret that I spend my free time in some EAV related way= and anyway, I really want to begin a collection, but I am unsure where to start, so I’m asking you, my EAV Friends! What tips do you have? What should I get? Where should I look? I only have a book, a pin and a few CDs at the moment.\\

Danke!!! :mrgreen:

Well if I were you I would start to collect records…you will be easily successful with the prominent titles of the mid-eighties until to the nineties…however it will be a challenge (and cost a few bucks) with the older ones plus the latest promotional cds…also there are some international releases that are hard to get.

However, the result will be a collection of large and colored covers with the drawings and paintings of Tom and Nino. Plus it will be quite easy to store.

Many greetings

Thank you very much! I just recently ordered the Kunst/Pinguin DVD off Amazon. So that’s a new addition! It’s going to be very fun, but difficult for me to dive into collecting EAV, but I am up for the challenge! A shame tho, how if I mention EAV to any record shop around here, I’ll be looked at as strange. Thank goodness for eBay! :stuck_out_tongue:

meine Sammlung so weit. klein, aber es ist ein Anfang!!! :mrgreen: